Nursing comfortably and latching baby correctly will minimise sore nipples and make breastfeeding a close and satisfying experience.

Breastfeeding provides a wonderful opportunity to bond with baby while giving her the best food Mother Nature can offer. But even though nursing is the most natural thing on earth, it's not always easy and both you and baby will need a little time to settle into it.

The secret to success is to get the basic right and to recognise and deal with problems should they arise. Breastfeeding is based on supply and demand, which means that your breasts produce enough milk to match the amount baby takes. This is why it's vital to let baby feed as often and as long as she wants. If feeding is restricted or a bottle is given in-between, your milk production won't keep up with baby's needs. Breast milk is also made up of different –courses” to meet different nutritional needs À the thin watery first milk quenches baby's thirst while the rich hind milk at the end satisfies her appetite.

Finding comfortable breastfeeding positions and latching baby correctly gives baby more milk for her efforts and will make the experience more satisfying for both of you.

You can have fun trying out different positions to find those that are most comfortable for baby and you, as long as baby latches properly.


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