Make dressing your baby as easy as possible.

Babies tend to have large heads, which can make putting on a vest difficult. Here's how to do it.

First change your baby's nappy if necessary. Roll up or bunch up the vest on either side of the neck opening so that you have a circle of fabric. Stretch the opening wide (vests with envelope necks will open widest) and gently slip over your baby's head.

In the first month or two, babies often hate being undressed and will howl in protest when you take their clothes off. This is because young babies dislike the feel of air on their naked bodies; they much prefer to feel snug and secure. By the time they're two or three months old though, they're usually discovered that having no clothes on isn't that bad after all, and will enjoy being left to kick naked or with just a nappy on.

Smiling at your baby and talking to her as you dress and undress her will make you both feel more relaxed and help to turn the whole routine into a game.

Sometimes it's easier to dress your baby when she's sitting up. She can hold herself up and will enjoy the body contact. This is only suitable with babies from three or four months who've achieved head control. But some things are always better lying down, like nappy changing or putting on trousers or pants.

Sock it to me, baby.

Bunch up your baby's socks so you can unroll them easily when you put them on. Never let your baby wear socks that are too small as her feet consist mainly of soft cartilage which could easily become misshapen if socks or shoes are too tight.


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