Research has given mothers confidence of what they have intuitively sensed all along- that the child in the womb is an active, sensitive and responding being, long before birth. Enlightened by the detailed research results available, parents are made aware of their vital role in the provision of optimal sensory environments from before birth.

These articles will help you to understand how one can influence the environment of the unborn, and make a significant contribution to the child's intellectual and sensory development which will be of lasting effect. It will also illustrate the great joy that you can experience in nurturing your unborn and developing emotional bonds before birth.

The PRACTICA PROGRAM has been helping parents to support their children's development since 1993.

If your child is between the ages of birth and 7 years, and you'd like to find out how you can use our program to stimulate all of his/her areas of development in a balanced way, visit us at: or call (011) 954 1112

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